Saturday, November 30, 2013

SAVINGS SATURDAY: Zazzle Coupon Discounts for Small-Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday. And while I wouldn't call Zazzle "small," its shops are run by individual shopkeepers who are each running a small business within the site. On top of that, Zazzle has its percent-off coupons and promo codes going strong. Take a look at the super savings weekend deals here.

Zazzle is a unique place to shop because you'll find all the crazy, weird, individual things you can't find in a traditional store. You can customize most of those things with your own text, change background colors, move and resize designs, etc. And if you still can't find what you want, you can always start from scratch and make your own.  I made these easy templates with how-to instructions just for that purpose (when you find the product you want to design, scroll down to "About the Design," where I've written a step-by-step guide).

I run some shops there (here's my funny holiday shop), and I bought Christmas presents there last year and thought the quality was great. In fact, a relative told me on Thanksgiving that he still wears and gets comments on the beer design t-shirt I made just for him last year. I was very glad to hear that the shirt is holding up well, especially since he wears it to work, where he works hard brewing beer all day.

So, if you're looking for a special gift and can't find the exact right thing, consider Zazzle today.


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