Friday, December 20, 2013

FUNNY T-SHIRT FRIDAY: Random Weird T-Shirts

     Sometimes, I'm good at making t-shirts with a particular audience or occasion in mind. But other times, I get a weird phrase or image in my head and it seems funny to me, so I jot it down and make it. Over the years, I've discovered that I have an odd sense of humor, though. I'm never quite sure if anyone else will laugh at - or even understand - my strange designs. Here are a few that fall into that category.

     This one has sold sporadically. It says, "Save a Tree: Throw yourself in front of a lightning bolt." After all, trees need saving, and they especially need saving when lightning threatens to strike. I couldn't stop laughing when I was making the little guy flying through the air, taking the lightning bolt like a bullet. 

     I just made this one a few weeks ago and sold it for the first time within 24 hours - which was a major surprise. It says, "In my day, if we wanted to communicate through a twitter-bird, we wrote a note and stuck it on a pigeon!" It's for old grumpy people who don't like Twitter.
     I'm still hoping a fellow writer will like this candy tin design as much as I like it. It's relatively new and hasn't sold yet. What better way to cope with rejection letters than having a tin full of chocolate on hand? It says "Chocolate: The Confection that Cures Rejection" in fancy, old-fashioned type. It comes with chocolate jelly beans.
     This is probably the weirdest one. I just made it today. Once again, I couldn't stop laughing when I made it. It says "Do Not Disturb Sea Turtle Nest" and shows a bunch of sea turtles nesting in chest hair.

The weird designs are never the top sellers, but they are the most fun to make - and I'm always the most delighted to sell them. It gives me hope that there are other crazy people out there.

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