Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas on Zazzle

With Valentine's Day swiftly approaching, I thought I'd show some sweetheart themed gift items from Zazzle today. Please note: since Zazzle is a print-on-demand company, you need to order in time for the item to be made as well as delivered.

1. A CUSTOM T-SHIRT. Here's one from my shop: I've Got a Crust on You! I love bread puns, and I made this slice of bread so it kind of has a Kewpie doll face. It's available on other items - including a greeting card - in my shop here.

Here's the link to all the t-shirts on Zazzle - or make your own here.

2. A CUTE MUG. This would be nice if your sweetheart loves coffee or tea. Here's a love bug one from my own shop. You can find all kinds of mugs for every interest on Zazzle here, or make your own here.

3. A PERSONALIZED JEWELRY BOX. Instead of buying jewelry (or to accompany a ring or necklace), why not give a jewelry box? This small wood jewelry box with chevrons can be customized with a monogram:

There are plenty of jewelry boxes to choose from on Zazzle. If you have trouble narrowing it down, think of your girlfriend or wife's hobbies or favorite colors. I think the peacock ones are very pretty. Here's the link to make your own.

4. A LAPTOP SLEEVE OR PHONE CASE. A pretty pattern on a custom sleeve or case would make a special gift. Here's a Macbook sleeve with a pink kiss pattern and space to add your girlfriend or wife's name.

Here are all the sleeves on Zazzle and all the phone cases. Make your own here.

5. MAKE IT YOURSELF. Going the DIY route for Valentine's Day makes the gift extra special. I love the idea of giving a necklace with a photograph. Here's a template where you can easily create your own. Just "Change" the sample image into your own photo (for added tweaking, read "About the Design" for instructions).

These new "lovers' mugs" on Zazzle would make a great photo gift, too. They're a little tricky to design, so be sure to read the instructions:

I hope that gives you some good ideas for Valentine's Day! If you're looking for lighthearted greeting cards, here are a few from my funny shop: Bigfoot Pun, Squirrel on a Tractor, Don't I Look Good in a Teddy?

Don't forget to check the Zazzle coupon page before you check out. And sometimes, if you search around on various coupon code sites, you can also find one that will give you free shipping on an order over $50.

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