Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MAKE BELIEVE MONDAY: Write a Story Set on the Island of Mustique

 WRITING PROMPT #3: Mustique Island

     Inspired by chronic snowfall, negative temperatures and cabin fever that's turning me into Jack Torrance, I've been randomly viewing sunny tropical photographs online in order to keep myself slightly sane. Then, a couple days ago, while browsing news articles, I came across a story about Kate Middleton / Duchess Katherine taking a family vacation to the Caribbean island of Mustique.
     Out of curiosity - and a thirst for more sunny pictures - I read about this privately-owned island and decided it would be a great place to set a story. So, for today's writing prompt, write a story set on Mustique or another Caribbean island frequented by the wealthy. Here are a few angles to get you started:

1. Write a modern "Downton Abbey" / "Upstairs, Downstairs" type story, from the perspective of the rich visitors and the staff of locals who live and work on the island. Make it a class satire. 

2. Write a murder mystery set there. An heir is found drowned in his infinity pool. A famous musician is discovered strangled in a hammock. A billionaire playboy drops dead on the tennis court - but is it natural causes or something more sinister? A cook in one of the villas dies mysteriously - did she know too much? Use the setting to create a unique murder plot.

3. Write a love story. I'm not into romance novels, but I could definitely see the island as a great setting for one.

4. Make it science-fiction or fantasy. A plague strikes the planet, and only these isolated people on this island are left. Mermaids appear in the surrounding waters. A mad scientist hid a dangerous invention there decades ago, and it's rediscovered by a visitor today.

I hope that gets your imagination going. You can see pictures of the island through a basic image search, or visit this page or this one. Here's one from WikiMedia Commons:

Mustique Island villa
Photo courtesy WikiMedia Commons, copyright 2005 by Acp, under Attribution-ShareAlike License
 Have fun writing and surviving the cold!

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