Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Customized Photo Beer Labels on Zazzle


Hello! I haven't posted for a while, but I wanted to stop in and introduce my newest beer labels on Zazzle. They were inspired by "Breaking Bad." I was watching Hank Schrader make his Schraderbrau beer and I noticed that the labels had his picture on them - and I realized I hadn't made any labels where you can add your own photo. So, I made a template and fancied up the labels with some hops and barley stencils. You have your choice of a few different formats and colors, too. Some have a central beer image below the photo and some have a hops image:

Here's the brown label with a central beer image. All the text is easily customizable:

Here it is with the hops in the middle:

And here's an alternate version where you can add a short slogan to the label:

See all the colors and varieties of this beer label in the FancyCelebration store here. You'll also find matching coasters, posters and some other items there.

I'm excited about these new beer labels and plan to make more photo template ones in the future. I'm hoping to get a Christmas-themed one done before the holiday season, for anyone giving beer as a gift. So, feel free to stop by and see what's new!

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