Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome to My Stores on Zazzle

Introducing My Zazzle Stores

Hello! I've been busy making designs and planning for the upcoming Christmas season. In the middle of adding products to my Zazzle stores today, I remembered my major weakness: promotion. I love to design, but I often forget to show off anything I've made. So, today I'm going to tell you about my stores. Then, hopefully, in posts throughout this fall, I'll show you some new designs - and also let you know about great coupon codes.

HaHaHolidays is the first store I opened on Zazzle. When I started it, I was clueless. I learned how to design and make products while building this store and continue to add to it. It's filled with all my silly holiday cartoons - so stop by if you're looking for a ridiculous Christmas shirt or a Bigfoot pun Valentine's Day card.

Next, I opened ClogDance. As a longtime clogger, I decided to open a niche store for all the other clogging fans. I add new designs now and then, and I love connecting with all the other cloggers on Pinterest.

After that, I opened FancyCelebration. Currently, it's the store I work on the most. I decided it would have all the more serious designs in it, for parties, businesses and other occasions. I'm growing a product line there for beer brewers and adding a lot of custom decor items for your home, like coasters and clocks. Recently, I started making party invitations. It's also where I sell patterns.

FunnyTShirtsAndMore started as a catch-all store for all the funny designs that didn't fit a holiday. I'm much more casual about this store - I'll add anything to it, no matter how strange. It's also where you can find blank templates for all of Zazzle's products, so you can make your own.

LaborAndLeisure is still taking shape. If you don't mind a little disorganization, stop by. Its main focus is work (labor) and hobbies (leisure). Right now, it has promotional items for writers, writer humor, some sailing, outer space, and inspirational items.

Thanks for visiting!

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