Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Funny Vintage Personalized "Cure All" Design


I just finished this "cure-all" snake oil restorative design and think it would make a humorous novelty gift for Christmas or a birthday. You can personalize it with your name. Here it is on a few items on Zazzle - a mug and a couple of different flask styles.

On the mug, the design repeats on the other side. All you have to do is type your name in the template field and it will change in both spaces.

On the flasks, there are two places to add your name, at the top and near the bottom, where you can name the laboratory where the magical elixir was prepared.

The rest of the text says, [Your Name's] patented Restorative / cures headache, spasms, pain, nervous fits, hysteria, blues, typhoid, heart palpitations, seasickness, flatulence, consumption, fainting spells, black death, and leprosy / best quality guaranteed.

It was fun making this design. I researched old Victorian and Edwardian newspaper advertisements to see what the old elixir ads looked like.

Thanks for stopping in to have a look!

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All designs © MK Hess

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