Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Make Your Own Personalized 2015 Calendar


Black Friday Week is the perfect time to buy a custom-made calendar on Zazzle. Use the code ZWEEKOFDEALS at checkout to get 50% off your original 2015 calendar. I think these would make great gifts - fill each month's pages with family photos to give to a loved one, or your own art.

The calendars can be a little tricky to design though, so I set up this template to help you:

Read the instructions under "Information from the Designer." It's priced the same as Zazzle's own blank template calendar (the lowest price you can get) - except mine is already set up for you with easy-to-change template images.

With the discount code ZWEEKOFDEALS, these personalized calendars are a very good deal this week. Have fun designing!


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