Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Best 2016 Custom Photo Calendar Promo You'll Find

Create Your Own 2016 Photo Calendar - for only $7.30

Hi! Usually, around this time of the year, Zazzle has a 65% off promo day for calendars. This year, they have taken it a step further and added free shipping. So, you only have to spend $7.30 total for your own beautiful, personalized photo calendar. I haven't seen a deal this good before. And technically, only select email subscribers are supposed to know about it. Zazzle is only advertising free shipping on their website, not the 65% off code.

I tried out the codes to make sure they work, and they both do. All you have to do is use one of these easy templates to make your calendar, and then type in these two codes at checkout:

FREESTANDARD - to get free shipping through 11:59 PM PT December 6th (the end of Sunday).
ITSBACKSALEZ - to get 65% off your calendar, good through 11:59 PM PT December 7th (the end of Monday)

All four of these calendars are priced incredibly low, and each has an easy template to help you add your photos. Three of the calendars also have templates for cover text:

1. Here is the most basic- simply add your photos. Click "Customize It" if you need to adjust them to better fit the page. This is the lowest price you'll find for a calendar on Zazzle:

Make Your Own Custom Photo Calendar
2. This one has a cover that will display a smaller view of all your photos inside, plus cover text. It's the same price point, and just as easy to customize:

Personalized Family Photo 2016 Wall Calendar
3. These two are priced slightly higher, but not much at all. They have seasonal backgrounds behind your photos, a different one for each month. The second one is a single-page version:
Custom Seasonal Patterns Family Photo Calendar 2016
Create Your Own Pretty Pattern Photo 2016 Calendar

Don't forget to use these codes at check out:

FREESTANDARD - to get free shipping through 11:59 PM PT December 6th (the end of Sunday).
ITSBACKSALEZ - to get 65% off your calendar, good through 11:59 PM PT December 7th (the end of Monday)

Enjoy your personalized calendars!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday 2015 Morning Pillow Sale


There is a really good deal on Zazzle, happening this morning only until 1PM PT. When you use the promo code ZMONDAYSALES, you get 65% off pillows.

Here are three lists of my favorite pillows to pick from. These collections include fun and pretty patterns, personalized designs, nature-inspired pillows and designs with a nautical beach house theme. Just click an image to see the collection.

Pretty Patterned Pillows on Sale
-Click to See the Whole Collection-

Animal and Nature Pillows
-Click to See the Whole Collection-


Personalized Beach House Pillows
-Click to See the Whole Collection-

This is the best deal I've seen on pillows on Zazzle, and it only lasts this morning, until 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern Time).

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Ornament Black Friday 65% Off Deal, 2015

Use code ZAZBLKFRIDAY today to get 65% off Christmas ornaments on Zazzle. To help you in your ornament shopping, I have created this list of 40 ornaments that range from funny to cute to custom. These ornaments are full of silly puns, easy text and photo fields so you can make them your own, and vintage prettiness. They are mostly funny cartoon designs, but some are also elegant or made to celebrate your family and home.

Click the image to see the whole collection:

If you still can't find the perfect ornament for you, scroll to the bottom of the list. There, you will find a series of easy templates that will help you create your own ornament.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Custom Christmas Stockings 65% Off Today

This is a really good deal leading in to Black Friday. Christmas stockings are 65% off today on Zazzle, when you use the code BLACKFRIWEEK. Here is my collection of 20 stockings, ranging from cute to funny to pretty to personalized.

Click the image to see the whole collection:

Custom Christmas Stockings

Please note: You can add a name to all these stockings, even the ones that don't show a sample name. Just click the "Customize It" button on the product page and add a name you want in any color and font.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10 for 2015


Sometimes, you want to give a gift that's unique but doesn't cost too much. Maybe you're looking for extra stocking stuffers or a present for an office White Elephant or Secret Santa party with a price limit. Or maybe you're on a tight budget. Whatever the reason, I've collected a list of 80 fun gift items from Zazzle that are $10 and under.

Click the image to see the whole collection on Zazzle:

80 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

The products on this list range from custom fridge magnets to buttons, drink coasters, bottle openers, hair ties, personalized magnetic photo calendars, keychains and notepads to more unique items, like a bottle of hot sauce or a bumper sticker in favor of the recipient's favorite political candidate. 

Here are a few highlights:

1. Give a small, personalized tin of mints or jelly beans that can be used later to store pills or other small items. I like this simple, personalized black-and-white design with an Art Deco shell pattern:
Classy Art Deco Black and White Scallop Personalized Mint Tin
2. The drink coasters are one of my favorites on this list. They're made of pulp board and can be bought in a set of six for $9.30. You might even find them lower if you check out the coupon page. Here are a couple favorites off the list. There are 10 total designs to choose from.

Custom Brew Pub Beer Paper Coasters

Custom Retro Diner Drink Coasters

3. I bought a few of these small, round magnetic bottle openers as stocking stuffers last year, and they look nice on a kitchen refrigerator or a beer fridge. Here's one I bought and loved. Scroll to the end of the list above to see three more choices.
Custom Beer Saloon Bottle Opener
4. There are six foam can coolers on the list, and I absolutely love these as a gift idea. They have a great price for a custom-printed item. These two are my favorites because I love the personalization:
Pink Flamingo Art Deco Custom Tropical Can Coolers
Custom Ship Captain Nautical Anchor Can Coolers
5. The magnetic photo calendars are very useful and also personal at the same time. For only $3.20, the recipient will have a fridge magnet with three family photos, a custom line of text and the year's calendar dates right at their fingertips. 
2016 Year Monthly Calendar Magnet with Custom Photos and Text
The knob pulls are a cute way to pretty up your furniture, and you can't go wrong with a "Home Sweet Home" magnet, a keychain or a funny button.

I hope you have fun browsing the entire list of all 80 gifts under $10.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers


If you have a loved one who enjoys writing and reading, look no further than these fun Christmas gift ideas. Just click the images to see each list of gifts.

1. A mug for your author to enjoy a favorite cup of tea or coffee while writing their novel. Click the image below to see 13 favorites:

2. Pair the mug with a funny t-shirt made for writers and grammar nerds. Click the image to see 12 favorites:

Writing, Reading and Grammar T-Shirts

3. Retro modern typewriter art. Here's a collection of 16 favorites with this design, from a personalized pillow to a wall clock, mouse pad, drink coaster and more:

Cute Retro Modern Typewriter for Writers

4. Spruce up their writing space with a writer's wall poster. Here are six fun ones:

Wall Posters for Writers and Readers

 5. And here are 16 more ideas for the writer's office space:

Personalize Your Writing Room with These Unique Designs

6. Still not finding that one, special gift? Here is another collection of 28 fun gifts, made just for writers and readers:

Fun Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers

7. Last but certainly not least, a writer always needs help with book promotion. If you have their book cover image and other information, you can help them out by getting them a stack of business cards, a bag, a mug or more, so they can gain more readers.

Promote Your New Book with Custom Marketing Material

I hope you find the right gift for the writer or reader on your list.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2015


Last year, we showed you some fun Ugly Christmas Sweaters for your holiday party. Well, this year you'll find even more unique, perfectly tacky designs in our shops. Instead of showing them all one-by-one here, I have created a curated collection. 

Click the picture to see this year's list of funny designs:

And if you're looking for matching funny products (stockings, buttons, magnets, hats and more), these designs appear on lots of different items in the HaHaHolidays and FunnyTShirtsAndMore stores.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Make Your Own Custom, Personalized 2016 Photo Calendar

Post Update: All these calendars have now been updated to the 2017 version. When you click on the calendar and head to Zazzle, you will automatically be taken to the 2017 calendar page. I've also added more calendars, and on more types of products for 2017! Click here to see the entire collection.


Zazzle doesn't always make it easy to customize products. I've been working on the site for about 4 years now, and there are still some products I have trouble designing. One of those products has always been calendars. There are multiple pages to handle, image placement can be tricky, and sometimes template fields get mixed up.

As a customer, I'm guessing you would like to avoid all that stress. These easy-to-use templates make the customizing process much easier. On these 2016 wall calenders, you simply replace the stand-in images with your own photos. Scroll down the page on each one and read "About This Design," too, because I provide a little more instruction there.

1. The simplest template. From front and back cover to January-December between, simply "change" the templates to your own photos. If your photos need to be resized on the page, "Customize It" and use the + and - buttons to increase or decrease size. Done!

2. This one is a little fancier. You can add text to the front, and your images appear both on the cover and on the calendar pages when you "change" the templates. It's also very easy to edit.

3. These two have seasonal backgrounds behind your photos. They have pretty patterns and scenes to complement your photos. One is a regular wall calendar and the other is a single-page vertical style.

I hope these easy-to-use calendar templates make the design process simpler for you. These calendars make great, personalized Christmas gifts, too.

If you're looking for more products with 2016 calendars on them, such as mouse pads and magnets, check out this category in the FancyCelebration store.

Happy 2016!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mid-Century Modern Up Your Style and Decor

Mid-Century Modern Style and Home Decor

If you're looking for some retro 1950s and 60s style for your wardrobe and home, check out my new collection on Pinterest:

Retro Modern Decor Board on Pinterest

Right now, it includes six of my favorites, including a lamp, a watch, a clock, a bed duvet cover, a tote bag and a pencil skirt. The collection will grow over time, so feel free to follow the board if you like mid-century style!

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unique Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas from Zazzle

In 2015, Father's Day is the 21st of June, which might seem like a while off, but it's actually only 22 days away. If you want to order your dad the perfect, personalized gift, now is the time. All these gift ideas from Zazzle are printed on demand when you order them. Here are some of my favorites.

1. For the seafaring, boat-loving, yacht captain sailor type of dad: a personalized captain can koozie to keep his beer cold while he sails the seas. Easily add your dad's name to the anchor:

2. For the Mad Men loving, cool 50s / 60s mid-century modern retro kind of dad: a minimalist clock in the classic atomic starburst style. You can even click "customize it" and add a monogram or change the background color if you like:

3. Father's Day comes only a couple weeks before 4th of July. This shirt is the perfect gift for the dad who loves fireworks and beer. It says, "Fireworks Expert: I drink the booze and light the fuse." Add your dad's name or choose to print it without a name:

4. For the dad who loves man's best friend: a custom dog bed for his favorite pooch. This blue dog bed has paw prints all over it and a bone where you can add the name of your father's favorite companion:

5. For the chef dad who is a fan of Breaking Bad, this funny parody apron has a muffin and the words Baking Dad: I am the One Who Cooks.

6. For the wild west dad, personalize his man cave with this cool set of six custom saloon drink coasters:

7. For the military or hunter dad, make his ride extra special with these green and brown camouflage car mats:

8. Does your dad home brew his own beer? Give him his own brand with these customized bottle labels.  Specify the type of beer and add your dad's photo.

9. For the dad who dislikes social media, this funny gel mousepad has a picture of a carrier pigeon and the words, "In my day, if we wanted to communicate through a twitter-bird, we wrote a note and stuck it on a pigeon."

10. For the gambling, card-playing dad, this cool watch with a card suit design. The art-deco style numbers are white on the black and red hearts, diamonds, spades and clovers. Add your dad's name in red.

11. For the dad with a sense of humor, this funny novelty drink flask. It's made to look like a vintage snake oil advertisement.

This is only a small sample of the 52 hand-picked gifts in the Father's Day Collection.  CLICK HERE to see all 52 items, from funny greeting cards to retro neckties, camo dartboards, pop art phone cases, wine cellar cheeseboards, zombie shirts and coffee shop posters. I hope you find the perfect, unique gift for your dad!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Personalize Your Dance Studio with a Custom Wall Poster


I haven't added many designs to the ClogDance Shop lately, so I've been working on it this week. One new design works for many forms of dance, not just clogging.  It's a custom dance studio poster with a retro look. There are various versions of it. Here are a couple examples: the pink striped and the light blue.

On the product page, all you have to do is use the easy template fields to fill in your dance studio name and a couple more lines of text at the bottom - or press "Customize It" to change fonts. 

A vintage 1920s woman dancer done in stencil surrounds the words "Dance Studio." She's doing a modern freestyle jazz type dance, waving a long scarf. These posters are cute for any time of dance: ballet, tap, swing, belly dancing, clogging, salsa, ballroom, and more. Whatever your passion, you can personalize to fit it.

These posters would make a great gift for a dance teacher, too.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fun Personalized Drink Coaster Sets

Whether you're redecorating your retro diner-themed kitchen, putting the finishing touches on your old-west saloon decor, looking to make your beach house feel more like home, or adding a personal touch to your wine cellar, you'll find the right drink coaster set at the Zazzle link below.

Use the easy templates to change the name or monogram to your own - or "Customize It" to personalize even more. Give a great, personalized gift with these fun drink coasters.

Click the picture to see all 24 choices!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Designs - Wear the Green!

Fun and Funny St Patrick's Day Shirts, Buttons and More

I've always loved Saint Patrick's Day because I'm part Irish - but also because I like leprechauns. They're mischievous little folks who are always trying to earn a fortune in gold through trickery. I also love this holiday because the very first design I made and placed on Zazzle was made for St. Paddy's. I still like this design and can't look at it without smiling.

Here he is - the Lepre Con. Poor little man. He's in trouble with the law:

I have some more funny leprechaun t-shirts, too. This one is my favorite:

To see more leprechauns and St Patrick's Day funnies - on buttons, hats and more - check out this category of the HaHaHolidays store.  

 More Fun Items for Saint Patrick's Day

Zazzle has more than t-shirts and buttons, though. The can and bottle foam coolers are new. Keep your drink cold while you celebrate St Paddy's:

Funny St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Add Your Text Can Cooler
Funny St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Add Your Text Can Cooler by HaHaHolidays

Pretty Saint Patrick's Day

You don't have to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day via a hard-drinking leprechaun, though. Maybe you're looking for a more subtle or elegant feel. I added a new line of items to the FancyCelebration store this year, all with a pretty shamrock watercolor design. Here are a few pretty items from the set, which includes pillows, kitchen towels, craft ribbon and fabric, men's ties, wrapping paper and even an elegant invitation. See the whole set here.

Saint Patrick's Day Shamrocks Retro Watercolor Tie
Saint Patrick's Day Shamrocks Retro Watercolor Tie by FancyCelebration

Own Your Very Own Irish Pub
My all-time favorite, though, is the personalized Irish pub line. It's part of my bigger selection of personalized sets HERE, which includes a saloon, a diner, a brewery, a coffee shop, etc., so far. Check out all the varieties!

Here is the custom Irish pub design on a clock and coaster set. Easily add your name, monogram and established year.

Thanks for having a look at all my Saint Patrick's Day designs. Erin Go Bragh!

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See my favorite funny St Patrick's Day designs collection here
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