Friday, February 27, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Designs - Wear the Green!

Fun and Funny St Patrick's Day Shirts, Buttons and More

I've always loved Saint Patrick's Day because I'm part Irish - but also because I like leprechauns. They're mischievous little folks who are always trying to earn a fortune in gold through trickery. I also love this holiday because the very first design I made and placed on Zazzle was made for St. Paddy's. I still like this design and can't look at it without smiling.

Here he is - the Lepre Con. Poor little man. He's in trouble with the law:

I have some more funny leprechaun t-shirts, too. This one is my favorite:

To see more leprechauns and St Patrick's Day funnies - on buttons, hats and more - check out this category of the HaHaHolidays store.  

 More Fun Items for Saint Patrick's Day

Zazzle has more than t-shirts and buttons, though. The can and bottle foam coolers are new. Keep your drink cold while you celebrate St Paddy's:

Funny St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Add Your Text Can Cooler
Funny St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Add Your Text Can Cooler by HaHaHolidays

Pretty Saint Patrick's Day

You don't have to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day via a hard-drinking leprechaun, though. Maybe you're looking for a more subtle or elegant feel. I added a new line of items to the FancyCelebration store this year, all with a pretty shamrock watercolor design. Here are a few pretty items from the set, which includes pillows, kitchen towels, craft ribbon and fabric, men's ties, wrapping paper and even an elegant invitation. See the whole set here.

Saint Patrick's Day Shamrocks Retro Watercolor Tie
Saint Patrick's Day Shamrocks Retro Watercolor Tie by FancyCelebration

Own Your Very Own Irish Pub
My all-time favorite, though, is the personalized Irish pub line. It's part of my bigger selection of personalized sets HERE, which includes a saloon, a diner, a brewery, a coffee shop, etc., so far. Check out all the varieties!

Here is the custom Irish pub design on a clock and coaster set. Easily add your name, monogram and established year.

Thanks for having a look at all my Saint Patrick's Day designs. Erin Go Bragh!

MK Hess Creative
See my favorite funny St Patrick's Day designs collection here
 All designs © MK Hess

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Custom Fabric for All Your Craft Projects

Easily Find or Make Any Fabric You Want

I don't think I'm particularly skilled when it comes to sewing. Back in junior high Home Ec class, I neither stood out as brilliant or bad. My teacher was strict and made us stay after school to complete our projects, so I developed a dislike for the sewing machine. But by high school, I became the go-to sewing person in my family - simply because nobody else knew how to sew, and I liked the challenge of trying to figure out how to make something.

When my Grateful-Dead-following brother wanted "groovy" curtains for his VW van, we picked out the fabric together at the local big box store, and I sewed them up. He liked those curtains so much, they stayed in his van until they had long faded and he had to trade in the old van for a vehicle that actually ran on a regular basis. I made beds for our cats, bags, pillows, and a myriad of small projects for fun, too. I admit, I'm still not very good at sewing, but I keep a stack of fabrics on hand, ready for the next request.

So, when Zazzle recently introduced new custom fabric that you can apply any design to - anything that your imagination can dream up - I thought, "This is so cool!" Instead of going to a generic big box store and having to pick from what was in front of us, today, my brother and I could have designed the perfect pattern for those curtains. The infinite possibilities make my imagination work overtime.

How to Design Your Fabric on Zazzle

No more wandering around under the fluorescent lights, hoping to stumble across something that looks vaguely like what you have in mind. You can pick from thousands and thousands of original designs - or even make your own from scratch. You can order your custom-printed fabric by the yard, fat quarter or swatch on materials ranging from cotton to twill, polyester and fine linen.

Here's a basic template I set up, to show you how to get started designing your own fabric:

On that page, scroll down to "About This Design" to read the instructions. Easily add photos, tile a name or monogram, pick a background color, increase or decrease the size of your design on the fabric. Use the blank canvas any way you like.

 Fun, Ready-Made Fabrics on Zazzle

But if the blank fabric is too daunting for you, Zazzle's designers are already hard at work making unique designs for every project you can imagine. Check out all the fabric on Zazzle HERE.

Here are some that I've made so far - and a few of my favorites from other designers.

Care for some retro 50s poodle skirt dogs? I made this fabric pattern out of cute poodles with swirling leashes and polka dots:

Here's another fun retro one I made recently. It makes me wish I owned a pair of cat-eye glasses:

You can't go wrong with your name on an anchor. This would look pretty for a nautical project. All text is customizable.

Here are a few more of my fabric designs so far: beer, playing card suits, strawberries and a colorful quatrefoil:

My favorites from other designers

New fabric designs are being added fast and I haven't even begun to look at them all. But here are a few from fellow designers that have stood out for me because they're so unique.
I like this school pattern. It would be fun for a teacher's art project:

I also think this kitty cat design is very cute:

I love the idea of a project that comes ready to sew, so this doll pattern is my favorite:

Have fun designing or picking out your own, original fabric on Zazzle!

All designs © MK Hess (except the last 3 in this post)