Saturday, May 9, 2015

Personalize Your Dance Studio with a Custom Wall Poster


I haven't added many designs to the ClogDance Shop lately, so I've been working on it this week. One new design works for many forms of dance, not just clogging.  It's a custom dance studio poster with a retro look. There are various versions of it. Here are a couple examples: the pink striped and the light blue.

On the product page, all you have to do is use the easy template fields to fill in your dance studio name and a couple more lines of text at the bottom - or press "Customize It" to change fonts. 

A vintage 1920s woman dancer done in stencil surrounds the words "Dance Studio." She's doing a modern freestyle jazz type dance, waving a long scarf. These posters are cute for any time of dance: ballet, tap, swing, belly dancing, clogging, salsa, ballroom, and more. Whatever your passion, you can personalize to fit it.

These posters would make a great gift for a dance teacher, too.

MK Hess Creative

 All designs © MK Hess

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