Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday 2015 Morning Pillow Sale


There is a really good deal on Zazzle, happening this morning only until 1PM PT. When you use the promo code ZMONDAYSALES, you get 65% off pillows.

Here are three lists of my favorite pillows to pick from. These collections include fun and pretty patterns, personalized designs, nature-inspired pillows and designs with a nautical beach house theme. Just click an image to see the collection.

Pretty Patterned Pillows on Sale
-Click to See the Whole Collection-

Animal and Nature Pillows
-Click to See the Whole Collection-


Personalized Beach House Pillows
-Click to See the Whole Collection-

This is the best deal I've seen on pillows on Zazzle, and it only lasts this morning, until 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern Time).

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Ornament Black Friday 65% Off Deal, 2015

Use code ZAZBLKFRIDAY today to get 65% off Christmas ornaments on Zazzle. To help you in your ornament shopping, I have created this list of 40 ornaments that range from funny to cute to custom. These ornaments are full of silly puns, easy text and photo fields so you can make them your own, and vintage prettiness. They are mostly funny cartoon designs, but some are also elegant or made to celebrate your family and home.

Click the image to see the whole collection:

If you still can't find the perfect ornament for you, scroll to the bottom of the list. There, you will find a series of easy templates that will help you create your own ornament.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Custom Christmas Stockings 65% Off Today

This is a really good deal leading in to Black Friday. Christmas stockings are 65% off today on Zazzle, when you use the code BLACKFRIWEEK. Here is my collection of 20 stockings, ranging from cute to funny to pretty to personalized.

Click the image to see the whole collection:

Custom Christmas Stockings

Please note: You can add a name to all these stockings, even the ones that don't show a sample name. Just click the "Customize It" button on the product page and add a name you want in any color and font.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10 for 2015


Sometimes, you want to give a gift that's unique but doesn't cost too much. Maybe you're looking for extra stocking stuffers or a present for an office White Elephant or Secret Santa party with a price limit. Or maybe you're on a tight budget. Whatever the reason, I've collected a list of 80 fun gift items from Zazzle that are $10 and under.

Click the image to see the whole collection on Zazzle:

80 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

The products on this list range from custom fridge magnets to buttons, drink coasters, bottle openers, hair ties, personalized magnetic photo calendars, keychains and notepads to more unique items, like a bottle of hot sauce or a bumper sticker in favor of the recipient's favorite political candidate. 

Here are a few highlights:

1. Give a small, personalized tin of mints or jelly beans that can be used later to store pills or other small items. I like this simple, personalized black-and-white design with an Art Deco shell pattern:
Classy Art Deco Black and White Scallop Personalized Mint Tin
2. The drink coasters are one of my favorites on this list. They're made of pulp board and can be bought in a set of six for $9.30. You might even find them lower if you check out the coupon page. Here are a couple favorites off the list. There are 10 total designs to choose from.

Custom Brew Pub Beer Paper Coasters

Custom Retro Diner Drink Coasters

3. I bought a few of these small, round magnetic bottle openers as stocking stuffers last year, and they look nice on a kitchen refrigerator or a beer fridge. Here's one I bought and loved. Scroll to the end of the list above to see three more choices.
Custom Beer Saloon Bottle Opener
4. There are six foam can coolers on the list, and I absolutely love these as a gift idea. They have a great price for a custom-printed item. These two are my favorites because I love the personalization:
Pink Flamingo Art Deco Custom Tropical Can Coolers
Custom Ship Captain Nautical Anchor Can Coolers
5. The magnetic photo calendars are very useful and also personal at the same time. For only $3.20, the recipient will have a fridge magnet with three family photos, a custom line of text and the year's calendar dates right at their fingertips. 
2016 Year Monthly Calendar Magnet with Custom Photos and Text
The knob pulls are a cute way to pretty up your furniture, and you can't go wrong with a "Home Sweet Home" magnet, a keychain or a funny button.

I hope you have fun browsing the entire list of all 80 gifts under $10.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers


If you have a loved one who enjoys writing and reading, look no further than these fun Christmas gift ideas. Just click the images to see each list of gifts.

1. A mug for your author to enjoy a favorite cup of tea or coffee while writing their novel. Click the image below to see 13 favorites:

2. Pair the mug with a funny t-shirt made for writers and grammar nerds. Click the image to see 12 favorites:

Writing, Reading and Grammar T-Shirts

3. Retro modern typewriter art. Here's a collection of 16 favorites with this design, from a personalized pillow to a wall clock, mouse pad, drink coaster and more:

Cute Retro Modern Typewriter for Writers

4. Spruce up their writing space with a writer's wall poster. Here are six fun ones:

Wall Posters for Writers and Readers

 5. And here are 16 more ideas for the writer's office space:

Personalize Your Writing Room with These Unique Designs

6. Still not finding that one, special gift? Here is another collection of 28 fun gifts, made just for writers and readers:

Fun Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers

7. Last but certainly not least, a writer always needs help with book promotion. If you have their book cover image and other information, you can help them out by getting them a stack of business cards, a bag, a mug or more, so they can gain more readers.

Promote Your New Book with Custom Marketing Material

I hope you find the right gift for the writer or reader on your list.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2015


Last year, we showed you some fun Ugly Christmas Sweaters for your holiday party. Well, this year you'll find even more unique, perfectly tacky designs in our shops. Instead of showing them all one-by-one here, I have created a curated collection. 

Click the picture to see this year's list of funny designs:

And if you're looking for matching funny products (stockings, buttons, magnets, hats and more), these designs appear on lots of different items in the HaHaHolidays and FunnyTShirtsAndMore stores.

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