Saturday, January 2, 2016

Funny Valentine's Day Cards Collection

New, Funny Valentine's Day Cards for Your Sweetheart

Over the years I've worked on Zazzle, I've grown to love coming up with the silly phrases on Valentine's Day cards this time of year. After the stressful Christmas / New Year season, it's nice to start January with lots of hearts, flowers, love and - of course - ridiculous humor. 

I've added lots of new ones this year. Inspired by the Emily Dickinson card I made in 2014, I decided it would be fun to make more cards with historical figures saying funny things. I was inspired by scientists particularly. I also did a zombie Mona Lisa and one with Henry David Thoreau.

Here is a collection I've put together of my favorite Valentine's Day cards through the years. In other years, I did a lot of cartoons - including Bigfoot. I'll keep adding to the collection as I make more cards, so stop back in if you're looking for a laugh!

Funny Valentine's Day Greeting Card Collection on Zazzle

Happy Valentine's Day!

All designs © MK Hess Creative

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