Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Your Holiday Party 2016


My absolute favorite thing about the Christmas season is designing new, ridiculous "Ugly Christmas Sweater" shirts. Each year, I try to see if I can come up with ideas that are even funnier and odder than last year. So, I thought I would show you some of my Ugly Sweater designs that are new - and my favorites through the years.

Here they are, all new and shiny and incredibly tacky:

1. How could Christmas not be influenced by politics this year? I made a couple different versions of this one where Vixen the reindeer looks like Nixon.

2. Kitty cats always make great Ugly Sweater themes. I have a couple Christmas kitties right now, and will probably make even more in the future. Here's one I made last year:

This year, I went all dark and made an evil demon cat who wants nothing more than to destroy your holiday festivities. Meet Krampuss:

3. I also got inspired by weightlifting. Who doesn't want to look all tough while wearing an Ugly Sweater? I figured Santa Claus had been working out a lot this year:

And maybe you've been working out a lot, too:

4. Then I decided that nothing is better for an Ugly Holiday Sweater than something that might shock your grandma. So I made these. How about Santa flashing through the snow with a strategically-placed Christmas package?

Or the shocking realization that you, somehow, know what Blitzen the Reindeer tastes like:

I made this one last year. You've been naughty! Santa will have to take down your stocking!

5. Here's another one I made for women. I love how big the bow ended up being. Nice and cheesy!

6. Of course, you can't have Ugly Christmas Sweaters without some drinking themes. I made the first two last year, one for women and one for men:

Then there's the classic, Santa Claus holding a beer:

This is just a small sample of the tackiness!

GO HERE to explore the whole collection.
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Thanks for stopping by!

All designs © MK Hess

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