Sunday, November 20, 2016

Inexpensive Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10


The 2016 holiday shopping season is here, and I've been gathering together lots of funny, cute and personalized gift ideas on Zazzle - all of them $10 and under. It's always a fun challenge to collect the best gifts that fall into this inexpensive price range. While these gift ideas are cheap price-wise, they are still totally unique and custom, making them perfect for a stocking stuffer or an office secret santa / white elephant gift exchange. They are also perfect for anyone who wants to give a thoughtful gift while on a budget.

I blogged about last year's list here, if you want to check out even more gift ideas!

The 2016 list is full of over 200 gift ideas. You can check out the entire list here. I'm going to show you some of my favorites:

1. This custom moonshine design is brand-new, and it looks great on the can coolers and drink coasters. Make your own moonshine by adding your photo and text. You can even change "Tennessee" to your own state or country. This would make a great gift for your husband or dad.

I'm still adding this design to a wider range of products and in more color options. You can check out the whole selection here. Let me know if you don't see the design or color on the product you want. 

2. Calendar magnets. These are practical and personal at the same time. On these two, you can add your photo behind the calendar. The top one works best for darker photos, and the bottom one for lighter photos. Check out all our 2017 calendars in this collection here.

3. There are plenty of funny, silly magnets, buttons and bottle openers in the collection. The top magnet here is for any older person in your family with a sense of humor. It's a great gift for a birthday. You can customize the year:

Run your own coffee shop with this magnet:

This magnetic bottle opener with a bottle cap look lets you own a brewery and pub:

This button with a personalized anchor is fit for a boat captain:

4. The collection has more post-it notes this year. These simply elegant zebra striped ones are for the stylish person in your life:

5. These custom air fresheners are for the RVers in your family. The design also comes in a different color option here.

6. Out of all the jelly bean / mint tin options, I'm partial to this Art Deco one. I gave it to a relative for Christmas last year, and she loved it. It's a small tin that fits in your pocket. There are a few more in the collection:

I hope you enjoy the entire collection!

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