Sunday, December 11, 2016

Unique Table Lamps and Shades with Beautiful Patterns


Since Zazzle is running a 40% off sale on table lamps and shades right now (through the 14th of December 2016), I decided it was the perfect time to post about them here. Of all the products an artist can design on, I find the table lamps to be one of the coolest. It's so neat to have my art printed on a lampshade, where it will glow with light.

In the past, I've bought two of these lamps - both gifts. They're very sturdy, desk-sized lamps. The printing is beautiful and crisp, showing even the smallest details in the designs. That's another reason I love these lamps; I don't think the printing could be better!

On each product page, you have your choice of table lamps, tripod lamps, just the lampshade or a pendant variety. You can also choose your own trim color.


But I want to show some of my favorites (here they're shown on tripod and table lamp styles):

1. This one is my favorite beach one. I had fun drawing this elegant, minimalist coral reef pattern. The aqua blue color can even be "customized" to any color you like. This is the tripod lamp style:

2. I think the mid-century modern look is really cool. I love the color palettes of the 1950s and 60s, and the use of geometric shapes. I have this original lamp design in three different color schemes. I picture it in Don Draper's office on Mad Men:

3. I'm really, really thinking about ordering this one. As someone who loves nothing better than spending all day exploring books, this one fits my personal taste. This intricate pattern was fun to make. It took some brainstorming to come up with all the titles on the books' spines.

4. Here's one I have displayed on the table lamp style. It's an original design that also has that retro look I love, with eyeglass frames in a variety of colorful shapes:

5. I love to read interior design books and watch shows that feature beautiful home interiors, and one thing I always notice is a touch of black-and-white zebra stripe. It seems to match everything and draw in the eye.

6. Continuing with the minimalist theme, here's a pretty beach lamp I just added. This serene watercolor is definitely for a room where you plan on doing a lot of relaxing.

7. This tribal one with a country western feel is new, too. The pattern actually came from a very old book I found on It had a small, grainy black-and-white sample of this Peruvian textile design in it. It was a real challenge turning the zigzags into a repeating pattern. But it ended up looking pretty cool in shades of brown and turquoise:

8. Here's another that started out as an old pattern. This one came from Victorian-era stained glass, and the original was much different from my final result. I loved the basic knotwork, but I gave it more of a modern Celtic look. I just bought this design on a bathmat for a relative, and it looks intricate yet subtle at the same time. There are a few color variations in the lamp collection.

9. This flamingo design is one of my favorites. I just bought it for a relative in black on a tote and pillow. Here it is with a light tropical green color scheme, but I also have the black version and a blue version on lamps. This design is my original work, but I made it to have an Art Deco look with geometric shapes. When I made it, I was reading a book about Art Deco textile motifs and wanted to make one of my own.

10. Last but not least: the perfect lamp for your game room. This one has an original playing card suit pattern. It's been awhile since I made this design, but I remember that it was a challenge getting the suits to fit together - like solving a puzzle. I didn't want them to go in a straight line, but look like they'd been tossed around:

Those are 10 of my favorites! Check out THE WHOLE COLLECTION to see them all. 

There's a wide variety, and I'll probably be adding more. Don't forget to use promo code ZCUSTOMGIFTS to get 40% off through December 14th.

And if you see a design you like but want a different color scheme, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!


All designs © MK Hess

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